Week 3 Blog Post

This week’s readings revolved around the issue of news sites and the implementation of paywalls. Digital publishing, I feel, is one those developments that have made significant differences in many of our lives.  Other modes of publishing that have also caused such impacts include social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, as well as the popular video-streaming site YouTube.

When I checked my e-mail just recently, Apple had sent me an advertisement regarding their iBookstore where they featured new books, including those that are currently in the spotlight with discounted prices. This has made me further realize how digital publishing is increasingly being used as a marketing tool by many organizations such as Apple today. Besides the iPad, eReader and the concept of print on demand (POD), news organizations have long joined the trend by making their news accessible online. This brings up the issue on paywalls.

Basically, paywalls restrict online content of news sites to only those who pay for digital subscriptions. The New York Times is one example of a news organization that has implemented this concept. In my opinion, paywalls are a good way of giving credit to news organizations for the articles and information that they provide to the public. Additionally, we should also support them for being government watchdogs. What would become of this society if journalism does not exist?

With readers subscribing to online news, it makes sense for them make full use of news sites to make their money worth. Hence, this may result in higher readership for news organizations. Personally, it seems like newspapers are in for a lot of advantages from the use of paywalls.  The New York Times, especially, may be able to feel these positive differences since they are one of the world’s most prominent newspapers. Apart from convenience, long-time readers are probably willing to pay for digital subscriptions because they are aware that they will be provided with quality journalism.

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